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Starting up

2010-11-14 18:52:47 by JamieKitsune

Well ive been around Newgrounds for a few years now, but never thought to start commenting and reviewing flash videos and games however i have finally decided i might just do so. if i have reviewed your video or game and you are not pleased, well i am sorry, im reasonable and i like to point out what players such as myself would want to see in your game or movie. obviously not everyone will think the same as myself therefore i wont ever account for everyone.

i am full aware flash animating and flash game creating is not the simplest of tasks and if you have managed to make either, i commend you on your efforts.

I, Myself am not a very good flash game/ moving maker at all, i can make the simplest of games and can animate relitivly well in a sense however i have a lack of motivation to work hard on anything.

(The pic is a 5 mins sketch of myself)

Starting up