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I have the powder I have the powder

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

JK says hmmm

Well, it was good for a first game i guess, if you take some time on this and get some more detailed art in there, make the enemies attack you then you could do well, keep your head up and spend some more time on it, however i love the idea and potential. maybe a replay button at the end?

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TheCssFan responds:

Yeah. I will make it a little better soon. But i just made it for fun :D
(Ofcourse i can do better)

Asteroids 8-Bits Asteroids 8-Bits

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

JK says Well done

I love the classics and i love how well this works, though i cant give this a great score because its not original in the slightest but nothing beats a classic game in my books, the teleportation system could use work but i love how you added that in there. music would have been nice too, but overall it was good and fun and i like the classic score board system too, would be good if you had a few classic gamer friends round.

Grayscale Avoider Grayscale Avoider

Rated 3 / 5 stars

JK says Smart but not new

The game was something close to a game i had played before, not all that new i must say, and im a fan of new and exciting things but this did not tickle that spot, however i did enjoy the basic gameplay and funky falling patterns presented infront of me as each round went on.
music was not to my liking i must say, didnt quite suit the game, i like games with a bit of depth, spending points to earn more power ups, this had none of that but i is only a basic game, therefore i wouldnt expect that much anyway.

Id say this is a game for school/college students who want to battle it out with their friends during their brake times, other than that, i wouldnt play this a second time. Was alot of fun the first time however.
10th place 3,430

Vertigo: Gravity Llama Vertigo: Gravity Llama

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

JK says So n So

a none original idea using a comical avatar to great a few laughs, however it was short lived, now if the customized character gain some extra ability depending on what customizable head was placed then maybe this could have been more comical whilst also giving players more of a reason for wanting to unlock them.

The gameplay has been used in many other games and this reminded me quite alot of shift, just simpler and less effort taking. now if the level was more puzzle based where you really have to use your head to navigate rather than enemy killing and dodging based, again i would have enjoyed it more.

However, over all this game was well built, is firm and doesn't have any major flaws, simply get through the level and reach the gold star, basic BUT basic works, the game is somewhat enjoyable for the first couple of minutes but get very repetitive relatively easy and didn't keep my attention for long. but the graphics did intrigue me and i love how they are all hand drawn levels are coloured and i'm sure advance mode would have been fun if i had spent the time to complete the game, maybe adding that as a start option would have been better because i cant see everyone playing this til the end.

controls are great however the llama indeed does slide a little too much but no game is perfect so 5/10 from Jamie Kitsune

keep up the good work =D its still a really well built game and is not laggy or anything so you should be proud

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Jindo responds:

I waited a whole week for a third person review D: